Forum Mania III

Forum Mania III
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Forum Mania III results are up!

The time has come...

If you hand one chance...

Legend Killer: One chance to defy the odds...

Invisible: settle the score...

Johnny Vegas: make an impact....

Zack Morris: shut down the opposition...

Danny Electric: One chance to take the world by storm...

El Satan: crush your foes...

Thunder: reach the top of the mountain...

James Steele: take the future into your own hands...

MadMan: One chance to take back what's yours....

Jack Icon: prove that you're the best...

Paul: prove the critics wrong...

Slater: prove that Cap'n Crunch stays crunchy in milk!

Nowhere Man: One chance to make time stand still...

Rob Roider: make someone your BITCH...

MVP: become larger than life...

Innovator: achieve your Destiny....

Azriel: If you had one chance to live forever....

What would you do with it?


Forum Mania is considered the greatest event in TNA, and the most anticipated. This year will certainly be a classic, and will outshine any other event done in the past.
Witness the miracle of Forum Mania III, this summer.
Commercial 1:
A Champion, usurped of his power, looking for retribution...

Johnny Vegas:

Finisher: VegAsSault
RTCF Rating: 82
Career Highlights: VBX Champion

...from the very man who cost him his job.

Paul "Savior" Carrington

Finisher: Brain Damage
RTCF Rating: 87
Career Highlight: VBulletin Champion (4x), NCW Tag Team Champion

And this time, he's not alone...

Will the exiled champion redeem himself despite the odds?

Or will underhanded tactics bring his opponent an easy victory?

It's Gang Warfare, in a Lumberjack Match for the VBX Title!

Winner: Paul "Savior" Carrigan (New VBX Champ)
Paul Carrigan won the match to capture the VBX title for the 5th time!

Commercial #2:
Once force, united under dire circumstances....

Legend Killer/The Answer:

Finishers: Killer Clash, Game Over
RTCF Ratings: LK= 87, Answer= 63
Career Highlights: Tag Team Champions (2x), Intercontinental Champion (LK) end the reign of the invaders.

Thunder/El Satan

Finishers: Thunderslam/Thunderlock, Satanic Skytwister
RTCF Ratings: Unrated (as of yet)
Career Highlights: Tag Team Champions (3x), XWC World Title Finalist (Thunder)

But as tensions mount, will cooler heads prevail?

Or will the uneasy alliances burst at the seams?

The TNA Tag Team Championships are on the line!

Winner: El Satan/Thunder (XWC)
Despite Tension between El Satan/Thunder, the team managed to pick up the win to retain their tag team gold.

Commercial #3:
A rebellious pawn breaking free of his bonds....

Zack Morris:

Finisher: Preppie
RTCF Rating: 88
Career Highlights: Intercontinental Champion, Tag Team Champion

A deranged monster wanting to take back what's his...

A. C. Slater:

Finisher: Greetings From Bayside High
RTCF Rating: 86
Career Highlights: Intercontinental Champion, winner of the Open Cage Invitational

A devious villain out to make a name for himself...

James Steele:

Finisher: Twisted Steele Brain Buster
RTCF Rating: 83
Career Highlights: VBX Champion, Founder and head booker of XWC

...and the Idol who's ready to show the newcomers how it's done...

Danny Electric:

Finisher: Electrifier
RTCF Rating: 89
Career Highlights: XWC World Heavyweight Champion, TNA Intercontinental Champion (2x)

Witness the madness...

...the mayhem...

....the chaos...

....the Cataclysm!

Worlds Collide in a Fatal 4-Way for the Intercontinental Title!

Winner: Slater (New IC Champ)
Slater took the victory here, for the 2nd time he's held the IC title in his short TNA career.
Commercial #4:
A treacherous superstar makes his return to his roots...

Finisher: Rude Awakening
RTCF Rating: 98
Career Highlights: TNA Grand Slam Champion (having held the World, IC, Tag, and VB Championships), 1st Ever TNA World Heavyweight Champion

...but a Soldier of Love is there to meet him with a not-so-warm welcome.

The Dude:

Finisher: The Love Handle
RTCF Rating: 95 (as Nowhere Man)
Career Highlights: World Heavyweight Champion (as NM), Head Booker and GM of TNA

Will the Hardcore Legend keep the returning fiend at bay?

Or is the Loved One in for a Rude Awakening?

The bar of brutality will be raised, in a Street Fight for the #1 Contendership!

Winner: TRO
The match looked to be over on numerous occasions with TRO dominating the Legion of Love. Yet the end came when the real Dude showed up and finally beat TRO.

Commercial #5:
A retiring legend takes one last chance at vengeance...


Finisher: Nail in the Skull, 450/630 Splash
RTCF Rating: 93
Career Highlight: World Heavyweight Champion,  X-title Champ, Tag Team Champion more times than anyone in C-Fedding

...against a brutal animal who has made this all too personal.

The MadMan

Finisher: Gonner
RTCF Rating: 93
Career Highlight: Tag Team Champion, Last ever vBulletin Champion

How far will they be willing to go...

...when there's nothing left to lose?

Prepare for the sheer brutality, as the score is settled once and for all!

Winner: Madman
To end their vicious feud over the past couple months, Madman defeated the legend Invisible in his last match after another brutal encounter, and only fitting he finished Invisible off with a vicious Superbomb onto tacs, youch!

Commercial #6:
The biggest star in Caption-Entertainment....

Cocky Johnson:

Finisher: Cock Bottom, Hollywood Elbow
RTCF Rating: 97
Career Highlights: TNA World Heavyweight Champion (3x), NCW World Heavyweight Champion

...takes on the living legend that has no equal.

"Action" Jack Icon:

Finisher: Director's Cut
RTCF Rating: 97
Career Highlights: Leader of FTW and Degeneration Flex, allegedly over 250 PPV victories.

Can the old hero win against the odds?

Or will he lose his pride, his glory, and his career?

Egos collide, in the Battle for Hollywood!

Winner: "Action" Jack Icon

These two icons went at it in a classic encounter of Hollywood stars. However only one could prove to be the best in Hollywood right now, and that's Jack Icon.

Commercial #7:
A psychotic mastermind, drunk with power...

Nowhere Man:

Finisher: Drop from Nowhere
RTCF Rating: 95
Career Highlights: World Heavyweight Champion, founding member and former leader of the Nobodies, Head Booker and GM of TNA

...comes face-to-face with the only one who can stand in his way.

Mike Vincent Parsons:

Finisher: Walls, Ratings Spike
RTCF Rating: 97
Career Highlights: Grand Slam Champion (World, IC, Tag, and vBulletin Titles), First-ever TNA Intercontinental Champion

Will the King of Captions bring his assailant to justice?

Or will the Man from Nowhere fulfill his plans of domination and ruin?

Witness the Changing of the Gods.

Winner: MVP

In another bitter rivalry dating back since a couple months ago, these two would fight for power. MVP would defeat NM to which NM stated was his last duty as Booker. MVP now took the power and has control of TNA.

Commercial #8:
A long-time hero finally gets another chance at the top of the mountain...


Finisher: Crossface, Kamikaze Headbutt
RTCF Rating: 90
Career Highlights: Forum Frenzy Winner, Tag Team Champion, vBulletin Champion, X-Treme Champion

...but he's in for the fight of his life.


Finisher: Last Exit
RTCF Rating: 95
Career Highlights: World Heavyweight Champion, X-Treme Champion, tied for longest-reigning Tag Team Champions with Invisible (tied w/TRO and DE)

Witness the sacrifice....

....the suffering....

.....the triumph....

....and the tragedy....

....all for the richest prize in Caption Entertainment!

Two men get their one chance to live forever, in an Iron Man Match for the World Heavyweight Title!

Winner: Azriel (New World Champion)

Azriel won the Forum Frenzy just 2 months ago and with that he got to main event Forum Mania for the World title with Innovator. And in a classic Iron Man Match, Azriel was able to defeat Innovator in overtime with a 6-5 victory. Close match but only one can leave the champion, Azriel did it.


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