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More on the Forum Frenzy.
The Frenzy featured many entries and eliminations, I will provide a list of statistics for the Frenzy
1. The Answer
2. Invisible
3. Nick Grease
4. Azriel
5. The Dude
6. El Nino
7. TS6
8. Jack Icon
9. Asal Oqab
10. Nowhere Man
11. Legend Killer
12 - 24 came in at the same time.
26. Assman
1. Nick Grease
2. The Answer
3. The Dude
4. TS6
5. El Nino
6. Asal Oqab
7. Johnny Vegas
8. Slater
9. Mahagee
10. Vic Mendez
11. Shomareh Yek
12. Paul Carrigan
13. Rob Roider
14. Nowhere Man
16. Jack Icon
17. Zack Morris
18. James Steele
19. MVP
20. Madman
21. Big Vic
22. Assman
23. Legend Killer
24. Invisible
25. The Dub
The Frenzy featured lots of intense actions with some of the finest technitions/high flyers in C-fedding today. Many dramatic moments also occurred in the Frenzy. Such as MVP's return and finding out the identity of his attackers and elminating them (Zack Morris,James Steele). The sudden return of Assman (Forum Frenzy I winner) and his sudden elimination. Also the intensely evolving feud of Madman and Invisible, where Madman came back to get revenge on Invisible and helping in his elimination.
However, what came as the most dramatic and long deserved victory in TNA was Azriels determination and strive to succeed. His efforts allowed him to win the frenzy and secure a shot at the World Championship at ForumMania III by defeating 25 other Frenzy competitors.  
This comming RAW may as well be entitled bitter rivals feud, because alot of these matches were designed for the boys in TNA to let some steam off on their rival. In closing, here's a quick look at the Raw Is Groovy card that NM has previously announced:
World Heavyweight Title: Paul vs. Innovator (c)

6-Man Tag: MVP/Azriel/Invisible vs. Zack Morris/James Steele/MadMan

IC Title Re-Match: Legend Killer vs. A.C. Slater (c) = Steel Cage

Johnny Vegas vs. Asal Oqab

RAW should be up the Friday.
Forum Frenzy
Forum Frenzy is the longest running ppv in the history of C-fedding, 2 cfed months went by between the time of Cool Breeze and to where Frenzy is now. Thankfully it will be posted tomorrow, unless something terrible goes wrong.
We have also passed are 3rd year of being a C-fed mark, and Forum Frenzy is the longest running PPV in C-fed history, with ForumMania close behind.
Forum Mania is expected to be the greatest C-fed ppv ever, and it will take place following the next ppv, Trapped. But the 2008 year in C-fedding begins at Forum Mania, and everyone is invited to attend, if the price is right.
That's just a quick taste of what is to come.

Cool Breeze Review:
James Steele defeated Wils'n but lost the VBX title to Rob Roider after he Rob applied the Roid Rage. Note: This would be James Steeles' last match in TNA before his contract was terminated.  7.2/10
Slater won the Cage Invintational to become the #1 contender for the IC title. Contenders in this match included from first entrant to last: Fenix, Nick Grease, El Pure Hatred, TS-6, Scott Chabot, El Nino, Oqab Asal, Evil Rick, Slater. 7/10
 Chuck Jones defeated The Answer with the devastating Canadian Crackdown(cradle piledriver). 6/10
Invisible and Mahagee won the tag team titles in a 4-way TLC match. In an intense, action packed match that featured many bumps. They defeated FTW, Justun Stoppable & James Steele, and Johnny Vegas & Viva. 8.5/10
 Zack Morris defeated NM(who laid down). In a bizzare turn of events, NM would lay down for Zack Morris for no reason and allow Zack to pick up the victory? 8/10
Jack Icon defeated The Hateman after some outside
interferance. Evil Rick and Scott Chabott would attack The Hateman leading to the Icon picking up the win after a Directors Cut (leg drop). 7.5/10
LK retained the IC title against the Dub in a fairly quick match after nailing a 450 splash. 7.5/10
Innovator defeated Madman in a street fight for the TNA World Title. The battle could've gone either way but with some outside interference from Azriel, Innovator executed the Last Exit and picked up the win. After the match, Innovator celebrated with the world title, and Azriel locked on the crossface to Madman. 9/10

RAW REVIEW (April, 14, 2005)
Beginning Segment:
Innovator comes to the ring and gives a speach on his World title win at Heat Stroke. MVP interrupts and says what he has to say then leaves. Promo ends with Innovator posing with his World Title.
Match 1: Wils'n defeats Nick Grease with the special peoples elbow.
MVP TV Spot 2: Interview with the Roach.
Match 2: The Dub defeats Johnny Vegas by DQ, after Paul Carrigan interferes and attacks the Dub(despite injury)
MVP T.V Spot 3: MVP gets run over by a vehicle by a mystery attacker.
Match 3: LK retains his IC title against Rob Roider after connecting with a 450 splash for the win.
Pre Match: Innovator joins the announcers at the announce table to witness his buddies(Nobodies) to collide with his rivals(KPW)
Match 4: The Nobodies (NM / Invisible) defeat KPW(Zack Morris, VC) after Zack walks out on his partner and NM makes VC submit to the deathlock
Main Event: Battle Royal(Number 1 contender): This match begins with everyone in it(15), and eventually ends up with Azriel and Madman in the end. In a shocking turn of events, Madman turned on his tag team partner by viciously beating him with a chair and tossing him out of the rumble. Madman wins and becomes #1 contender for Cool Breeze.

Thought I would start this to get some comments while waiting for the Insider to go up, and what not. Check here every so often and you might find a comment about you.

Preview for Raw(April,10,2005):
It is known that Cool Breeze is the next ppv and the winner of this RAW's battle royal will face Innovator who just won the title at Heat Stroke slightly over a week ago. The match has 15 competitors all randomly picked, unlike the Forum Frenzy. So it should be interesting, I will now provide a list of the competitors for the Raw Battle Royal:

Battle Royale Entrants 1-10 scale:
Justun Stoppable: His chances don't look good. Hasn't done much. 2 in 10
Bret The Hateman:  Newcomer to TNA, don't know what to expect so a 3 in 10
The Dub: Not likely, always late for work. 2 in 10
Azriel: Very much likely, he has a strong workrate and seems the most focused on this match. 9 in 10
Invisible He's been TNA champion before, but due to his relationship with the champ, it'll weaken him in this match 7 in 10
Jack Icon: Another newcommer with alot of potential. 4 in 10
MadMan: Hot prospect as well, might win. 8 in 10
Triple OG: Unknown in TNA but has been building up an image. 1 in 10
Wils'n: Retarded, no chance unless he gets some help(in match too) 1 in 0
Nick Grease: Hmmm let's just say .01 in 10 chance of winning.
Mahagee: Comming back from Japan, might be victoriousssss. 5 in 10
The Dude: Booker of TNA might be rusty, could be a shocker so another 5 in 10
James Steele: Hot as VBX champion, might give him an edge. 6 in10
Zack Morris: Longest reigning IC champion, tons of potential. 7.5 in 10
A. C. Slater: Another tard, with alot of power though. 2 in 10

As you can see Azriel looks to be the one to pull off the win, but wait until RAW to see the true winner.

Intercontinental Title: Legend Killer (c) vs. ???
Surprize opponent, LK still retains.

MVP/Vietnamese Crippler vs. Nowhere Man/Invisible
The Nobodies are back together and in their debut tag team match they may just pull off a win over former TNA/KPW champ MVP, and former KPW champ VC.

The Dub vs. Johnny Vegas
The Dub looks to be getting back into the zone after his win over Paul Carrigan

Wils'n vs. Nick Grease
Hmmm Wils'n should win in his debut matchup.

Also Featured:

-Update on Paul's injury
He's dead... nah hell probably be out for awhile though

-Special Appearance by the World Heavyweight Champion, Innovator!
WOOO, look out TNA we got a new TNA Champion, representing the Nobodies comming through. Innovator will be the focus on RAW of course.
And there you have my prediction, and thoughts on this weekend's RAW!

Heat Stroke Review (April, 5, 2005):

It appears the TNA website has been taken over by Paul Carrigan... he's an ok person but he's known to be alittle biased. So, I will provide you with another outlook on the match's at the PPV. Scale: 1-10
(18 minutes)James Steele (VBX Champion) vs Justun "IP" Stoppable: The match was back and forth, and featured vicious action between both competitors. James Steele picked up the win after delivering a Twisted Steele leg drop of the top rope. 7/10
(3 minutes) AC Slater vs Nes Kwik: It was decent,  Greetings from Bayside High slam was the real difference maker here and proved to be effective. AC Slater took the win. However it was rushed, but for what it's worth, it was ok. 5/10
(22 minutes) The Dub vs Paul "Savior" Carrigan: What a long and exciting match with plenty of reversals with the end featuring a holy shit moment that will live on in TNA fans memories for a long time. Overall this match was decent despite The Dub being alittle rusty, he won nonetheless. 8/10
(7 minutes) PDD vs FTW(Big Vic): Was a confusing match to say the least, however the positive cutter counters were smooth and imactful... It was a fairly quick match as well, the ending was just sick. Big Vic(winner) powerbomb dropped PDD right on his head resulting in PDD being paralized.  5.5/10
(10 minutes) Azriel & Madman(tag champions) vs VC (LC was absent): Not generally a tag match you'd expect with only one man on the opposing team but with these 3 technical masters, you couldn't expect a bad match. Azriel picked up the win after a vicious heatbutt, some argument between Azriel & Madman afterwards should be noted as well. 7/10
(21 minutes) Zack Morris(IC champ) vs LK: This match was brilliantly executed, both of these guys proved that they're as good as pure wrestling gets in TNA. Plenty of high spots and a nice crisp move set from both guys, the fans loved it. LK picked up the win to become new IC champion after delivering a super Killer Clash. 9/10
(30 minutes) Main Event: MVP (World Champion) vs Innovator: Both of these guys are at the top of the business for a reason, and this match featured why. MVP was a masterpiece in this match and probably the best overall wrestler in the C-FED world. He was up against another great, Innovator who is one of the best, with his very unique and effective in ring skills. This match stole the show (of course it did) and the Nobodies/KPW fight was perfect. The fans were going crazy for all of these guys. Innovator won the match and the World Title after the last exit. 9.5/10
PPV total time: 2 hours and 20 minutes, including intros.
Biggest pops:
1.Innovator(Whole match)
2.Legend Killer(After win)
3.Nobodies, NM,Invisible.(When they arrived)
Biggest heat:
1.MVP(Arrival, taunting fans)
2.James Steele(Arrival)
3.Zack Morris (Arrival)

Distributed in part by TNA.