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(June, 27, 2005)

Interview with James Steele.

PDD: Yo, this is Positively Donny Delight, and I'm about to interview a man who might possibly be the biggest heel in C-fedding today, James Steele. Thanks for joining us:

James Steele: No problem Donny. You can thank me again later.

PDD: Sure thing. James Steele joined TNA about 6 months ago, and since joining has captured success in winning the VBX title in his 2nd match in TNA. How did that moment feel?:

James Steele: It was surreal. I will never forget it. I was on the verge of an emotion breakdown because it was like the passing of the torch. However, that torch won't be officially lighted until I win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

PDD: Sure... Anyway, you were near the top of HHHitler's list of guys he wanted in NCW, why was it you declined and what is your personal opinion of NCW?:

James Steele: I declined because I had already been contacted by Kman. Plus, NCW is a giant joke to me. I am not about some stupid gimmick and being an unoriginal guy who just changes some letters in a word and become the main event. I am not about being one of a bunch of guys on HHHitler's dick. I don't respect very many people in NCW because they are a joke. I know they have fun, but at least be fucking original. Speaking of HHHitler, I heard he has a "rip-off" fetish.

PDD: Harsh words, I don't know if I agree with some of the negativity... Moving along, they say you're one of the most controversial men in C-fedding today, and recently left TNA to create your own C-fed, the XWC with the help of LC... Why was it you decided to go this route?:

James Steele: Well, I went to a soccer game and got piss drunk because it was boring as fuck. Next thing I know, I am waking up in some hotel room in Russia...

PDD: That's not the question I was asking. Could you please answer my question:

James Steele: Sorry, I thought you asked why I made that hardcore pornstar pout. Besides, just when you think you know the questions, I change the questions.

Anyway, I left TNA to form XWC because I was burnt out. I had basically carried the VBX division since I showed up and got burnt out. So, I decided to follow one of my ideas. I have always wanted to run a promotion. I then thought I'd give my ole' pal LC a call and see if he'd like to help me. I knew he had booking experience so it couldn't hurt. I was wrong.

PDD: Then you came back to TNA, and NM even assisted you in defeating LC in the main event at XWC's first ppv, Wrestlestock. Could you give us some reasoning behind returning after abandoning the company?:

James Steele: I left because LC is a very egomaniacle booker. He has to be in everything. He had to have a stable or he had to be in a main event rivalry. I called NM and asked him to give me another shot and I'd help him get back at LC. Wrestlestock was the perfect place to do it.

PDD: At Forum Frenzy, you returned as a mystery man, only to attack MVP and get eliminated... What was the deal and did you have anything to do with the hit and run of MVP?:

James Steele: NO! I had nothing to do with the hit and run. I was pissed off at MVP because we had been best friends, but I come back to TNA and I don't get any "Welcome back James" or "Come to my comeback party James" or any of that. We were best friends and all of the sudden he is so busy with his bullshit comeback party to say hello. People like to say that my ego is so huge I forget about others. Well, I am obviously the most humble in TNA.

PDD: You have bascially pushed for this World title match, and at Trapped you got your wish, how does it make you feel to finally get a chance at the World title and how do you feel about facing Innovator?:

James Steele: I am excited. I have waited for this forever. I said since day one that I am here for one thing...the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Everybody knows that I am the future of TNA. I am the guy who is going to lead TNA back on top of c-fedding. So, this isn't just about me becoming champion as much as this about getting TNA back on top of the business it created.

PDD: Now It's time for Word Association, and we're going to be doing this on guys you've encountered in your career and a couple guys in the C-fed you started.

James Steele:

Mahagee: Japanese

Justun Stoppable(IP):JOBBER

Rob Roider:Pathetic


Danny Electric:Talented




PDD: Thanks once again for joining PDD for this exclusing interview:

James Steele: The pleasure was all yours, and I'll let you talk to me after Trapped when I am done making Innovator my little *****!

PDD: It has been a somewhat positive experience... This is PDD, signing out.

(April, 9, 2005)
Interview with Legend Killer.
PDD: Yo, this is PDD ready for another interview with another TNA superstar, just over a week ago we got an interview with the newly crowned TNA champion Innovator. This week we have the newly crowned IC champion, Legend Killer. Welcome to the show man:
LK: What's up, Donny?

PDD: You've been known as the X-Treme champion, and defending it at Forum Mania II, how does it feel to add another belt to your collection and the IC title at that:
LK: Obviously it's great to be the IC champion. I look at the guys who held the IC title. TRO, Danny Electric, Joey Radd and others so to be up there with them is a great honour. But it also, for me, proves that I made the right decision to come back.

PDD: Do you think you will keep it until Mania like with the X-treme title(consider other challengers):
LK: Well there are a number of guys on the roster who I know are going to be after the IC title and me. Guys like James Steele, Azriel, Madman and the Dub are all going to want a shot. But whomever I come up against had better know that I didn't go through what I did to win this, just to lose it back just like that. I will fight with all I have to keep this belt. And if I do get to Mania as the champ, then this time I will walk out of Mania with the belt.

PDD: It is general knowledge that you left TNA for NCW and came back 4 months later, what was the reason behind this and what are your thoughts on both TNA and NCW:
LK: Well I left TNA simply because I wasn't happy with the direction I seemed to be going in. I knew HHHitler from working with him and he has a good mind for the business. So when the opportunity to work for him came along I was interested. I talked to LC and it seemed that it would be in the best interest of everyone if I were to make a move.

As for my thoughts on both companies. In the case of NCW I enjoyed my time there but I always felt like TNA was where I should be. I watch their shows every now and again and they have some good talent. I particularly rate Corkscrewed and think that he could have a bright future in C-fedding.

Like I said I always looked at TNA as my home. We had a bit of a bad patch recently, which I would put down to the backstage morale. The disagreements between LC and the Dude over the direction of C-feds didn't really create the greatest mood but now I think we have recovered. We have some great C-fedders and a great booker in the Dude. With the new talent coming in I would say that TNA is on the up and ready to take the number one spot again.

PDD: TNA is definately the place to be. Moving along... for awhile in NCW you went under the gimmick "Redeemer" how did you feel about this role and why did you drop it:
LK: This is probably what persuaded me to move. I was very interested by this character and I thought that could take it and run with it. I thought tha I did a solid job with it. It seemed to be getting a reaction and I thought my promos were good but I guess it just didn't work out.

I dropped the character when I got a phone call from LC. We talked and he suggested that I make a return. I thought about it and then I had a meeting with Dusty, who was in charge at the time. I felt like it was time to make a move as I didn't really think that the "Redeemer" character was going anywhere and I think HHHitler agreed. We talked and my contract had ended and so I was free to move. So LC, Dusty and I had a final meeting and I re-signed with TNA and I have not looked back since.

PDD: I see. We spoke alot about your career in the C-fed world but you're still a young talent in TNA, who would you say inspired you out of anyone in the C-fed, past and present:
LK: LC. Definetly LC. I think that he probably helped me out a lot when I first came into TNA and his promos were so entertaining. He just had a really great mind for the business. He will be missed but I still think that he will come back to TNA one day.

PDD: True. You've been referred to by yourself and others as the legend killer, and to show that, you defeated LC in a career match even though he got power of TNA that night... How did this legend killer label come about and have you been true to your name:
Well I worked around the indy scene for a few years before I joined TNA. I sort of built a reputation for beating the top guys in all the indy companies and when I joined TNA, I thought about what I had done to earn a spot in TNA. Beat legends. So the name Legend Killer just came to me.

As for whether I have been true to my name. I would like to think so. Like you said I beat LC in that career match. I mean I have beaten some big names in the C-fed business. Azriel, Savior, TRO and LC. But I intend to add to that list.

PDD: Now it is time for the anual Word Association, and this time we will be reviewing some of the former IC champions in TNA, all you have to do is give a word or a sentance response to each one. Here we go

MVP: He will be a legend in this business. The feud between him and Innovator was real intense and the matches were something out of this world.

TRO: He's had a new lease of life with the Horsemen in NCW and I think that he's a talent.

Danny Electric: I never really saw enough of him to form an opinion but what I did see was good.
The Dub: If he did more promos I think he could be a big star.

Joey Radd: Good guy. A legend who I think should be in TNA.

Zack Morris: Great match at Heat Stroke.

PDD:  This has been another phenominal interview with the phenominal Legend Killaaa, thanks for joining Donny, it's been educational to say the least:
LK: Thanks Donny, it's been cool.

PDD: Keep on smiling, its been another positive interview. This is PDD, signing off.

(April, 2, 2005)

Interview with Innovator.

It's been a couple months since I've conducted an interview, but I got a nice one for ya.

Yo, it's PDD sitting in with Innovator tonight. Now, just days after TNA Heat Stroke, which featured the crowning of the new TNA World Champion, this man is Innovator, and he is joining us here today for IOTW:

Innovator: good to be here.

PDD: First question, After all the talk about destiny and being denied several chances at obtaining the right to be TNA Champion you finally did it. How did it feel to reach this pinnacle in your career?

Innovator: The moment the ref raised my hand it felt as if everything that has happened to me in my career, all the pain and anguish was all worth it.  Also if I didn't win the title I would've looked like an idiot.  But I won the title and fulfilled my destiny.

PDD: You have gone through a great deal, needless to say. With a Battle Royal comming up to decide the #1 contender for your world title, this leads me to my next question. Not including the former TNA Champions, who do you feel deserves a shot at the TNA championship?

Innovator: I've already feuded with him over the Xtreme Title, but I wanna see Azriel step up to the big times and see what he's made of.  I think he has serious potential to be a C-FED great, so I'd have to go with him.

PDD: I must also recognize that the Nobodies have reunited just recently, and there's been alot of talk about trust. Both NM, and Invisible have done things in the past that might not exactly be trustworthy. Why do you feel the Nobodies will work this time around?

Innovator: Well, the past two times the nobodies have existed as an entity, we've been out against the world.  This time around we came back to oppose KPW, we had that common bond.  This time around things will be different

PDD: Former booker LC has left the company due to complications with owner and the direction of the company. What do you think of LC's decision and how do you feel about the direction of TNA?

Innovator: I'm mixed about LC leaving.  He was the guy who got me going here in TNA, and he also was my first feud.  On camera in the threads, our characters never got along.  Behind the camera we always got along, and he had some big storylines going.  He picked up his ball and went home, I don't know the reasons, but knowing LC he had reasons.  TNA is on the upswing in business.  We have some fresh new faces in the company, a new booker, and a new champion

PDD: NCW and TNA have been feuding in the ratings war with NCW in the lead. Now like you said with a fresh new direction in TNA, do you feel TNA will rise ahead of NCW? And what do you feel about the head booker in NCW right now, HHHitler?

Innovator: TNA will rise ahead I think.  May not happen right away but it'll happen.  Things like FTW are temporary but guys with strong workrate are getting over.  HHHitler has a good mind for the business.  He stole a bunch of talent from us, but I don't hold it against him.  I'd hold the talent responsible there.  Also another thing about TNA, while we have a smaller roster, at least no one is feuding with themselves.

PDD: There's been a slew of new talent in the C-FED world. Since you're a vetran and now TNA champion, what advice would you give them to succeed in C-fedding?

Innovator: Don't get frustrated if things don't go your way.  Collect you cool and keep on promoing and getting yourself over.  You can't rely on anyone else to get you over but yourself.  Also don't talk about destiny, cause I'm sure no one wants to here about it for a while.

PDD: Also, who do you think will go the farthest, or is your personal favourite of the new guys that came in within the past several months?

Innovator: I like James Steele.  He is doing something different and getting himself recognized.  He's really elevating the VBX title.

What moments in your career have made you the TNA Champion you are today, from day one to now... What are the highlights of your career that have helped you reach your destiny?

Innovator: Well there a lot of points in my career which helped me reach my destiny, my ladder match against LC, the Hell in a Cell which put me on the map against Azriel, the Hangman's Ball against Invisible.  Overall I'd say the feud with Invisible, as it was a blood feud and elevated me to main event level.

Well, you deserve the World Title and so much more. Anyway, it's time for the regular Word Association. With the theme being destiny, I will run through guys who had something to do with your road to glory.


Azriel: Azriel = workrate.  One of the hardest working C-Fedders around today, he just needs his chance.

The Cock: Loves himself a little too much. He's hit or miss with me.  Sometimes I think he's good other times I think he's horrible. I didn't agree with his tactics during his feud with Nowhere.

Invisible: Great guy on and off camera.  He likes C-fedding a lot and is one of my close friends in the business.  Plus he knows not to mess with me.

Nowhere Man: Great mentor for me.  Was a pioneer in C-fedding with his dark character, which paved the way for me.

Loose Cannon: Another one of my friends inside the business.  He backed me and put the Xtreme title on me, and trusted me enough to feud with me while I was a rookie.  I wish him the best, hopefully he'll be back.

TRO: Its a good thing he loved his belts in TNA, because I wasn't letting him near my title.  Great guy and a great sense of humor.  Also he owns more speedos than any man should.

MVP: He will be a C-FED legend.  No one can come close to the hi-lite reel.  The feud between him and myself will be one of the bests.

PDD: Thanks for joining us on IOTW, one of the true greats in C-FED entertainment. Is there anything else you'd like to say before we go?

Innovator: You think my journey might be over now that my destiny is completed...its only just begun.  You guys won't be rid of me for a long long time.  Quote the champ, nevermore.

PDD: Another positive interview, it's been a pleausure... This has been another interview brought to you by, yours truly: P-D-D.


(January, 30, 2005)


Interview with Paul "Savior" Carrigan.

Positively Donny Delight here with his second interview of one of C-FEDS most controversial superstars. Paul "Savior" Carrigan has left TNA, but he's asking for one more interview to get his thoughts out regarding his situation in TNA and about what he thinks of his new stomping grounds, NCW:

Paul: Hey PDD nice to see your site is still up.

In your own words, why did you feel it was best to leave TNA. And why were you so quick to jump over to NCW:

Paul: Well, time after time In TNA I was promised to get an opportunity at some TNA titles like the IC and Tag but time and time again that opportunity was taken away, and after all this, Zack Morris came and took the title I had my sights on. So, I started listening to HHHitler, but I still wouldn't jump ship until I saw the raw card and saw that LC and Morris will be getting their title shot before me. Then they would probably win them and I wouldn't get a shot at them again.

Since leaving TNA, you've made many enemies in TNA. Talk about your recent confrontation with TRO in the back while you were leaving TNA, and why the sudden hatred for each other. I mean he stood up for you many times while you were in his group Team Sexy over a year ago:

Paul: I didn't expect that to come out of TRO, We go way back as friends and then he just turned and said I was worth nothing. I used to back his carrer and say he should get better pushes then he says my career is trash and that made me mad.

What do you think of TNA now that you left, I heard all your comments before calling NCW minor leagues and that you're TNA for life... since you left there's been a sudden change in attitude. Give us your impressions on TNA in all honesty:

Paul: In all honesty I think its better now then when LC ran it. And the resaon why I left was due to me not getting a chance at the tag titles. But when LC ran it I was going nowhere that I wanted to go because unlike Naitch and from what I've seen from Dusty, LC didn't care about the midcard. We'd have a new VB champ every PPV and he made the title look crappy after my 7 month reign. When I was ragging on NCW it was just because I was in TNA. Because NCW is a great company, and no one can truthfully deny that.

You've been complaining about your lack of opportunity in TNA. Do you really think success will come for you in NCW?:

Paul: From what it looks right now I will be a Tag champ because we all know Splaya can't beat me in a regular match (I quit match was unfair) So I am making my way up. Also me and HHHitler talk about my direction and he takes my ideas in to high consideration.

Much like how the bookers work with the TNA talent^. All right, since you've has problem with the bookers in C-FEDs ill do this one regarding all the past and present head bookers in TNA:

The Naitch: You may or may not be surprised but I liked how I was booked The VB title. It was booked very well, I just wish I didn't lose it when I did.

Outsider: Quitter

LooseCannon: He pissed on my VB title and made me mad at sometimes but besides that he was good. But he did want to give it up before Forum Mania II.

Kapoutman: Great booker, and I'm glad he took over TNA, cause competiton is good.

HHHitler: Greatest booker alive! (HHHitler I hope your reading this)

That's is for this edition of IOTW, it's been controversial but it's what he wanted. Have a nice time in NCW:

Paul: Thank you and check out my contract signing on Monday Nitro!

Interview with Zack Morris.
Yo this is PDD, I know I haven't done IOTW in quite sometime, but ill get into it with this man, Zack Morris. On behalf of everyone in TNA, welcome to the Caption Entertainment.:

Zack: Thanks Donny I appreciate it.

What was the original reason you wanted to jump over onto the TNA roster?:

Zack: Well in NCW I was the the first or second top star. Everyone knew what was going to happen. Everyone knew that I was going to take down NWA and eventually win the NCW world title. Also in the process I would have held a lot of talent down. I don't want to hold people down. So I did the best thing and went to TNA. This way I gave NCW a better future.

How did it feel in your first match in TNA, to win the IC title, and how do you feel about the hard feelings between Joey Radd and LC when he Joey left?:

Zack: It felt great to be TNA with all TNA Zack Attacks. Winning the IC title was a amazing moment for me especially beating a TNA legend like Joey Radd. LC didn't like how Radd was going to take the IC title to NCW and trash it. So LC has a reason to have hard feelings towards Radd. In my opion Radd doesn't derserve the German he has now. Joey Radd is a legend, but he's also has been. He's there holding talent down in NCW. That title should of gone to someone else like Cool King. Also why is Radd in NWA. I mean I'm more black then he his.

Tell us about your personal relationship with the former owner of TNA, LC and where did it begin?:

Zack: LC and I have been friends since high school. We went to two diffent colleges I went to school in Calfornia he went to a Harvard.

Well after Kelly and I got married we moved east and I actually went to Harvard meet up with LC and we both graduated the same year. Also lets not talk about Kelly.

Yeah LC he's good people. He always puts the fans first just like me. LC is always doing whats best for business. He knows how to make the crowd happy. LC is the best business man in the businnese and he's one the nicest guy I ever met.

I agree wholeheartley. Anway who, or what inspired you to join Caption Wrestling, and live out your dream?:

Zack: LC always told me I should do it he knew I could wrestle. I just never really wanted to. The Cock though is the one who inspired me. I mean he's the one who taught me how to caption.

So around early November 2004 I get this call from this German guy HHHhitler and asks me to be in NCW. I said yes, and here I am today.

Of course your goal in TNA is to become TNA Champion, as that is the goal of many of the TNA superstars; but in a dream feud/match pick who you would most like to work with in the future?:

Zack: I would like to work with MVP in the future wether he has the title or not. I mean if you have a fan following that almost has big has mine then you must be doing something right.

This edition of Word Association is going to be with some of the stars you've encountered in the C-FED:

Superslim: a man who has to pay much closer attention to his woman.
Joey Radd: Legend, but now he's a has been.
Ilt:A girl who's beneath me and a slut, but she was a real good cook.
HHHitler: Smart man who knows how to run a C-fed.
Eric Shin: A jackass whos ass I kicked plenty of times. I know i'm only supposed to you use one word or at least a few, but he owes me. The bastard ruined all those I Love Zack Morris t-shirts at the first nitro. He really hurt the Zack attacks that night.

Azriel: The best low card man in the businness
Kapoutman: Great booky and I'm glad he took over TNA.
Competition is great to have. 
LooseCannon: A great mind.

Yo, thanks for joining me on this long awaited edition of IOTW, you've been great and I hope the best for you in TNA:

Zack: Thanks Donny you too.

(December, 15, 2004)
Interview with Azriel.

Yo, this is PDD being joined then none other than Azriel, what's up man?:

The ceiling. HAHAHA. Always wanted to say that. Seriously though, I'm doing great, just enjoying my time here. So, fire away with your questions, my man.

Since joining TNA many superstars in the back referred to you as a joke lacking charisma. You've come along way from being a green jobber in the TNA ranks, now you're considered a bonified superstar. In an in depth perspective how have you felt your TNA career turned out?:

Turned out? I haven't retired yet. I'm a long way from that. Anyway, I have very few regrets about how my career is turning out so far. I have won nearly every title TNA has, except for the big two. Now, I know there have been snickers behind my back, saying that I can't hold on to those titles, but I think your pal Invisible stated it best. At certain moments in my life I was Tag Team champion, I was VBulletin champion, and I was the Xtreme Champion. Those moments that I was champion were the greatest moments of my life.
 When I beat Shaggy and Jackal, I will get my second opportunity for IC gold, going up against my arch-nemesis The Dub, and when I win it will be a moment to remember forever. I would have won it the first time too if it wasn't for Helmsphere, but that's life. Then I had the opportunity to become World Champion at Raining Blood, which I was robbed of by another jobber searching for glory, but unlike Helmsphere, I will show Jackal a lesson he will never forget. Sorry if I'm being long winded here Donny.

Good point, I should have adressed this question in a present tense *slaps head* Smiling along, what's been the most positive moment in your TNA career thus far?:

I think it would have to be the time I was in The Church of Orton. I was the new kid on the block, and I wasn't being taken seriously. Then The Church took me under their wing and everything changed

You've been apart of TNA for a couple years now, what was your all time favourite moment, and match in TNA:

My favorite moment would have to be winning the VBulletin title from HHHitler. It was my first singles title, and they say you never forget your first time. Favorite match would have to be the Hell in a Cell against Innovator. Even though I lost, I think I gave the best effort I could give, and I walked away with a lot of respect for Innovator. Now, if you are talking about stuff I wasn't apart of, I'd have to say my favorite moment was when Nowhere Man won the World Title, and my favorite match would be the Home Depot match between Splaya and MVP.

You've been known to write some of the longest promo's in TNA, and to wrestle in long bouts, where is it you get the conditioning to be such a supreme athlete with that toothless grin?:

Well, working out nearly every day for the past twenty years ought to count for something, wouldn't you say?

Good point, but I heard alot of wrestlers have gone the route of taking illegal substances, of course you're all natural. Anywho, It's now time for my favourite segment of this interview *big smile* Word Association. You should know the rules. Ill give you some names of wrestlers that have never been included in WA, and some NCW characters here it goes:

Chet Cheesecake: Gay
Scary Scott: A joke
Ilt: Slut
Victoria Inc: crappy hairstylist
Eric Shin: Cock's bitch
LPD: Great champion

Kind of a shabby collection, considering you've never had any problems with these guys(girls) so Ill let you choose one more character for WA:

Jackal: Dead

This has been excellent spending time with ya Azriel, Im looking forward to the new Mermaids movie. That's right, check Azriel out as a hot chick mermaid in Mermaid return to the whore house. Any last words?:

Oh, you are so funny Donny I forgot to laugh, but seriously, it's been fun. To all my Azrielites, I'd just like to say 2005 will be the year of the wolverine and I will become World Champion.


Interview with Evil Rick.

Yo, it's PDD and I may not be on TNA tv but I'll still be conducting these interviews for the Nobodies website. Today's guest for IOTW is none other than Evil Rick Theodore:

It's my pleasure to be here man. Actually not, because I was really busy trying to find a way to mix rat poison to TRO's bottle of water without changing the texture.

It's a positive when you preform your evil shenangians, cause it lights a smile on my already positive face. I gotta ask ya, when was it you discovered your evil traits:

I was a bit young, and I had some firecrackers in my hands. I thought it would be funny if I shoved them up a cat's ass, and guess what, it was! I continued doing little pranks like that, but it's really in TNA that I started using my EVILNESS for entertainment purposes.

Shoving fire crackers up a cat's ass always seems to put a smile on my face. Next question; Since joining TNA you captured the VB title, and have had immediate success within TNA. What other goals to you plan accomplishing while in TNA:

Well, I plan to hold each and every title in TNA at least once. My ultimate goal being the World Title, of course. On the way to the top, I also plan to make each and every TNA Superstar say at least once "I hate that damn Rick". I'll know that I did something good in my life when that happens.

Holding all the title's once is something noone in TNA has accomplished. Let's see if you truly will be the grand slam champ as your career progresses. Now, since Money Inc has basically taken TNA by storm, what is your reaction or feelings towards Money INC:

I gotta love them. With the Attitude and everything, they actually made me cool. Before they started their little group, people thought I was mean and insensitive. Now they say I am cutting-edge and creative. Much better.

You've formed an allegiance with Scary Scott, I was curious as to where you discovered this big crazy fellow:

We've known each others since we were about 4 years old. We were playing in the same hockey league, and we were at the penalty box at the same time. We were inseperable ever since. I then started my wrestling career while he wandered in different hockey leagues. When I needed a partner, I knew who to call.

Ok, now it's time for the regular word association, you ready bro? I'll choose Money Inc and the current title belt holders. You just follow up with your feelings towards them in no more than a sentance:

The Dub: Stupid hick with a cowboy hat.
Outsider: That guy is a legend.
Loose Cannon: An EVIL genius on many levels.
The Cock: The Cock is the only guy I would consider on par with myself on the EVILNESS level.
Nobodies(Innovator and Invisible): I don't mind them as long as they stay out of my way.
Azriel: See the Nobodies.
Superslim: A stupid bastard who needed a lesson.
TRO: I should cut his balls RIGHT NOW.

That wraps up this edition of IOTW, it's been a pleasure having Evil Rick here with us today:

It was a pleasure. Now excuse me while I go back to my EVILMOBILE, to drive to the EVILCAVE.



Interview with Paul " Savior" Carrigan.

Joining us for IOTW, someone who's had his run-ins with Invisible backstage in recent weeks, Savior:

Yo check it bitch-....Oh I don't have to reply in character?..ok

Yo check it, what up?

What's with all these rappers comming after you, I mean are you invovled in some sort of rap gang:

No I am not they are haters after me because I steal there album money because they suck from D12 to M.M.A.T.F.B.

Explain your favourite moment you've experienced here in TNA:

On camera; when I made Slim tap to my Iron Gate Probably the best thing to come out of TPWWE

Off camera; When I had Ilt Doggy style in the TPWW era.

In the Last IOTW; Superslim claims that you've always backed down from the challenges he's made with you. How do you respond to these accusations:

He's a punk I made him tap out once and almost pinned him again. See I don't have time for low-carders like him I'm to bust winning #1 contenders matches

Your involvment with Team Sexy was confusing to many of your fans. Why exactly was it that you were removed from the group, or deprived of the chance to stick with Team Sexy:

Well first Naitch wanted me to go on my own but I declined and stayed with TeamSexy being the only one to hold a belt. Then Right when I got Joey Radd to joined that punk DE Hit me with a chair and TRO or Invisible couldn't stand up for what was right because they were being little bitches and sided with DE.

Yo, we all know your momma was a big influence to you, and you've often been reffered to as a momma's boy. But here in TNA who do you feel is the most influentional wrestler/entertainer:

I don't know where you get your information from honkey but if you talk like that to me again I'll hit you sith this bottle of crys...Thank you. TRO was the man in the begining thats why I joined Team Sexy. But now I'm sorry to say he's washed up and is going for mid card titles

Of course now it's time for the regular word association. I'll do the same now as I did with Superslim in the last interview. Since you've held the VB title longer than anyone in TNA and more times than anyone, it's only fitting that you should give your impressions on the former VB champs, and the current champ:

Savior: Very Underrated Should hold the top title now
LC: Back stabbing bitch.
TRO: Bitch
Splaya: Bitch ass queer homo faggot cock suckin dick rider worst in TNA
MVP: Bitch..........Nah He should face me for the title
HHHitler: Cool Bitch, I'm a better Rapper though.
Azriel: Why was he Champ?
The Dub: He is mad rich. Seriously I remeber me and him went to a casino and he payed someones wife to suck his dick while he was playing black jack
Evil Rick: Bitch
Slim: I could beat him any day

Thanks for joining in on this interview, this is PDD and TNA's official rapper; Savior. Any last words before we hit the road:

Yeah man I feel I am the best thing to grace this web page but now I got bitches to fuck so peace.



Interview with Superslim.

Yo it's PDD ready for another interview. Sitting in with me is the Vbulletin champion, Superslim. He recently won the title at Forum Mania II:

Thanks for havin me here.

Winning the Vbulletin title at the grandest stage of them all must of been quite an accomplishment:

Well I tell you what. Winnin at the first Forum Mania with Ilt was quite the accomplishment then I didn't count on comin back to TNA at all. I originally came back with TRO. Branched off on my own, brought Ilt back with me and what do you know. I become a star and get to compete in Forum Mania II. It was very cool.

You're set to defend the title at Cock Bottom against Shaggy, how does that make you feel:

To defend against Shaggy... That really isn't much to brag about ya know. I mean Shaggy is like a piece of chewed up gum beneath my feet. he's not even in my leage and yet he gets a title shot? It's cool though. I won at Forum Mania II and I'll win at Cock Bottom.

Who have you enjoyed working with in TNA the most out of the entire roster:

Well I enjoyed teamin with Ilt the most since we go way back. But as far as in the ring I would probably have to say DE. I mean he really knows how to put on a crowd pleaser of a match and that's what its all about. It's all about the fans.

Besides yourself, who do you feel deserves the TNA World title:

Well when I scan the roster I do beleive that TRO could really rise up and become TNA Champion again. It would be pretty cool if it happened.

Who would you like to work with out of any of the TNA superstars, past and present:

Well back in the day it woulda been real good to work with Savior since me and him had this feud goin on. I mean it really woulda been hyped up big but everytime he backed off so what could I do? As far as the present I do believe that if I were to battle against the Cock. It would truly be the biggest match in TNA history. Nobody would be able to match the star power that we could muster. Nobody would be able to even come close to the level of awesomeness that me and him would display in that ring.

Just for fun, let's do some word assosciation of the former vbulletin title holders:

Sounds like fun.

Savior: hip hop wannabe
LC: sell out
TRO: awesome
Splaya: oh my goodness that sucks.
MVP: Most valuable playa
HHHitler: Triple H
Azriel: a joke
The Dub: all bout the money
Evil Rick: evil and funny
Slim: future TNA champion

It's been a wonderful time sitting here with the VB champ, Slim. Is there any positive words you'd like to drop before we end this interview:

Yeah, keep tuned in cause this is only the beginning of Slim's career here in TNA. One day I will be TNA champion.



Interview with TRO.

I'd like to introduce TRO as the first man being interviewed by yours truly PDD:


How do you feel being the IC champion. And what goals do you plan to set for yourself:

Being the IC champ lets people know you've still got what it takes to be a champion. After not really getting the chance to go for the TNA title after losing it, i'll gladly settle for this championship. Not that i'm disrespecting the title or anything.

What was the greatest moment you had here in TNA:

Being the First TNA champion and being leader of the most famous faction. (ooc. Even casual were talking, with the same avatars they had to take note!)

Besides yourself, who do think should is the best all around wrestler in TNA right now:

I've always been of fan of LC, but from the current roster, i'm going to have to say MVP. But worthy mentions go to Arziel, SuperSlim and Evil Rick

During what period of time do you think TNA was at in it's prime:

When the factions were around. Team Sexy Vs. The Church was a classic moment in TNA history.

You've held your own stable Team Sexy, what I'd like to do is use word association, and you just give me your impression on these former members of Team Sexy:

Shaggy: Not always sure what he was thinking
Invisible: Good team member
Savior: Loyal, but forced out of Team Sexy.
Danny Electric: Friend
The Naitch: Too many gimmicks/faction changes. One minutes he's with us then the next he's not.
TRO: Backbone
Team Sexy itself: Innovative

Well, thanks for taking the time and allowing me to conduct this interview with you, is there any last words:

I would just like to remind everyone how this became a C-fed, Me! i started using pictures to help get TRO over in promos etc. So people you can start thanking me now!

Well keep a smile on your face and keep up the good work, TRO, he's the man.

Distributed in part by TNA.