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This is sort of to counteract Superslim's feelings regarding TNA. Although I do agree with alot of the points he made, I just can't get past some of his clearly biased opinions, so allow me to get some thing's straight.

It's true that NCW has been getting great buisness recently, and the shows Nojabba(HHH) puts on our often hilarious and captivating. That does not change the facts about TNA, TNA is also very well booked with K-Man in charge and our storylines are very deep but that's mostly due to TNA being around longer, and the effort we put into our feuds. Don't get me wrong, NCW has had some awesome feuds going on but they hardly catch the depth of feuds like NowhereMan vs LC, Innovator vs Invisible and so on. We've built these feuds up for months, and we've done a magnificent job bringing out our feuds to their full potential.

As for our promo's concerned, sure NCW had a few guys there who are used to rolling around E-Feds but don't forget that E-Feds suck. Without pictures in your promo's it's hard to grasp the attention of general readers, and that is the reason the C-FED era began. I notice that many of the talent in NCW are getting better with captioning but they're still not as stable in C-fedding as the masters in TNA. Not one guy in TNA goes without captioning, and captioning is somewhat more difficult as you need to find the right pics, and you need to use them frequently. Both C-feds have good promo producers, but TNA stars are used to C-Fedding and deliver well constructed, deep and sometimes funny promo's.

NCW is known to use longer shows on their program, but sometimes that isn't nessacary. Long shows have an advantage, that they include many matches and allow readers to spend more time enjoying the show. However, short shows are nice to read cause they still include everyone that's in a feud but they just aren't as long. I personally don't mind either way, and I don't believe many people care the quantity of the show, it's the quality that matters. And in my non biased opinion, both show's are equally as entertaining and both Nojabba and K-Man are doing the job to appeal to the roster and other viewers.

TNA is far from dead, infact the numbers in TNA have been doing considerably better than NCW's, and if that keeps up we make take a large lead over NCW. TNA is the most constructed, well run C-FED on the net. If you want a chance to prosper, stick with TNA where everyone gets an equal chance at getting over. Where you decide how far you want to push your character by the quality of your promo's.

Here's what I would recommend for anyone involved in a C-FED - These are the 10 Helpful tips:

1.Use pictures in promo's - They really make a difference, ask anyone.

2.Try to keep a constant storyline going and add twists to it so it doesn't drag on as repetitive and boring.

3.Respect your rival, don't drag who you're feuding with down to push yourself farther. Must have an equal battlefield till the Owner decides who goes over in the feud.

4.If you need to, or your rival needs to better understand the feud, or discuss ways to improve the story; Don't be afraid to PM them.

5.Do not give up hope if you feel your character is being dragged down, there is always the need to go down to get back up. If you really think your character is being buried, try to understand why or ask the owner what you could do to improve.

6.Keep your promo's reasonable, this isn't the old Hardcore thread days. IE don't go around shooting other C-fedders with a gun and pretend to take hostage TNA or something.

7.Find a decent character that fits your personality and stick with him, changing around all the time only confuses management and makes it harder for other's to RP with you.

8.Remember to use proper grammar.

9.Don't flood the C-feds with useless posts.

10.Last thing, don't take C-fedding to personally. By that I mean keep yourself at peace, no matter how much something might bother you.

TNA and NCW are both great, but TNA rules more.

Distributed in part by TNA.