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Nobodies History


(Edited September, 4, 2005)
Nobodies History:

The Beginning...

The path was set for the Nobodies in a match that festured, NM and Invisible. Before this match, Invisible was starting to fade in Team Sexy as he was losing some big matches. Invisible made an announcement to which Team Sexy agreed, if Invisible did not win this match, he would leave Team Sexy and stick to being a loser. Well, NM defeated Invisible in a very technical matchup, and Invisible was devastated.

What transpired after the match was more shocking than anything. NM shook Invisible's hand knowing this was the last night Invisible would have in Team Sexy, and they vanished. A few days later Invisible returned with a new look(Vampiro) and attitude(dark) as he became a follower to NM's teachings.
Nowhere Man and Inivisible formed the Nobodies later in July. During that time, Invisible and Nowhere Man became close allies, looking out for one another.

A Heated Rivalry

Later on though, Nowhere Man turned his back on Invisible after Invisible eliminated NM from a battle royal. This then lead to a tenacious Hell in a Cell where Invisible was burned alive by Nowhere Man, and not heard of since for many weeks.

Nowhere Man continued on his path of destruction, more satanic than usual. For his actions at TNA Heat Stroke where he burned Invisible alive, the fans hated him even more. When Invisible returned the fans were cheering, and were so excited to see Invisible back, but what they didn't realize was that Invisible had become more bitter, and angry. Invisible went on a rampage, and to the fans disgust, attacked many innocent TNA Superstars, including Nowhere Man.

Invisible put Nowhere Man out of action for several weeks with a concussion after a brutal attack. When Nowhere Man returned he had the fans on his side and wasn't going to let anything hold him back. It was Cool Breeze when he arrived back in TNA, and he immediately assaulted The Cock after the Cock had won the TNA World Championship from Joey Radd. The following night he attacked Invisible with a steel chair just to even up the sides.

This ended the feud of Invisible and Nowhere Man, as Nowhere Man was on to capture the world title, while Invisible began his hunt for Innovator, as he carried the Nobodies title by himself. Nowhere Man's quest for gold would soon come to a conclusion.

Formation of a New Nobodies (short feud)

Invisible saw Innovator, who was losing his place in the Hollywood Connection, so he took this opportunity to seek Innovator, beat him down and toss him in a locked closet. Innovator soon realized that the Hollywood Connection didn't really care for him, and as he was locked away he became more bitter and angry.

Innovator was finally released from the closet, as he had a match on RAW. In this match he would face Nowhere Man(ex Nobodies leader) This match immediately came to a screatching halt after outside interference from the Hollywood Connection ended this match. Innovator just left the ring pissed off, later on he swore revenge on Invisible for locking him in the closet.

Innovator and Invisible battled it out at Forum Frenzy(2) which lead to their double elimination from the rumble. After they were eliminated however, they took it to the back and continued beating each other into bloody pulps. Both of these guys seemed to enjoy it.

Shortly after Forum Frenzy, Invisible was granted a match to for the World title against Nowhere Man... this match ended in a DQ as MVP and Joey Radd(Hollywood Connection) attacked both Nowhere Man and Invisible. Innovator ran down to the ring as Hollywood Connection were beating these guys down, and he turned on them to help out Invisible.

Success Among the New Nobodies

After what happened on RAW, Mr. X decided to book a match where MVP/RADD would put their titles on the line against Innovator/Invisible. This match was quick but resulted in Innovator/Invisible picking up the win to become the new tag team champions. Innovator and Invisible began to form a mutual respect with each other and began refferring to themselves at the Nobodies. A group that once fell and had arisen again.

Not only would they win the tag titles, but they would go on to win the Xtitle in a match that stole the show at Forum Mania II, well for quality anyway. Only a true team could share a singles title and the tag titles. Which is why the Nobodies became a big threat in TNA and they became possibly the greatest tag team in all of C-fedding. However, these two would drop the Xtreme title to Azriel awhile later, only for Innovator to win it back later and hold the edge in the group by holding 2 titles.

They began to sink

After Innovator won the X-Treme title, it appeared he injured his leg and was unable to compete as the Nobodies were to defend their tag titles. Unfortunately this would result in the Nobodies losing the tag straps, as LC and Ousider would pick them up in a handicapt match against Invisible. The Nobodies began to sink as a tag team after this, and Invisible was struggling with management for some bizzare reason. Innovator was also suffering with his leg, which to add insult to injury became worse when Evil Rick broke Innovator's leg after a match, which left Innovator out of the big 8 man elimination match.

Shocking Moment, The Plan Unveiled

Innovator injuring his leg opened the door for Invisible who was originally denied entry in the match due to his situation with LC. Well, he finally let Invisible compete, and what transpired would be a total shock. This match was huge and Invisible was booked like he was going to lose with all the heat he was getting by TNA. SHOCKER, Invisible went into the match, lasted through everyone and managed to defeat the Cock after LC traitered The Cock and whacked him with a chair. Invisible covered the Cock to win the TNA World Championship.

After this, Innovator began ignoring his buddy Invisible due to Invisible's alliance with LC, a man that Innovator had retired and was bitter enemies with. Invisible tried to get Innovator to join him and LC, but Innovator refused to give an answer. Also noted, Innovator discovered some information to completely destroy the friendship Innovator/Invisible had and that was that Evil Rick was paid by LC to break Innovator's leg, and Invisible was in on it.

The End of The Nobodies...(for now)

Innovator decided to keep this information secret for the time being.  Raw after Heat Stroke aired and it was determined that since The Cock won the Caption contest, he would have a chance at the World title that night. This match was great, and LC even got involved. LC got in the ring and tried to level the Cock with a Chair much to LC's dismay when he got Cock Bottomed onto the chair. The Cock was on fire, he set Invisible up for the Hollywood elbow but just as he was to connect, Innovator rushed to the ring and delivered the Last Exit to The Cock. He then picked up Invisible and patted him on the back, but not before LAST EXIT. Innovator grabbed the Cock and placed him on Invisible as the ref counted the pin and awarded the Cock with the TNA Championship.

The War was Far from Over

Invisible was livid after this, and a heated battled between Innovator and Invisible began which lead to a fatal four way for the World title at Clash of The Captions(LC's last written ppv) But before the match could officially begin, Invisible assaulted Innovator, and beat him unconscience. Invisible and LC laughed at the damage they caused and then saw that Nowhere Man has returned and was comming for them. Invisible and LC then left the arena to leave MVP and The Cock in a one on one battle(MVP would win the World title).

In the weeks the followed, Invisible still tried to get his revenge on Innovator for costing him the world title from the Cock. Invisible and Innovator were scheduled for a #1 contenders match at Caption Day. So, Invisible thought of a perfect way to get to Innovator, he would take a piece of his pride.On RAW, Innovator was going up against PDD for the X-Treme title. After Innovator planted PDD with a last exit through a table to pick up the win; LC immediately came up to the ring and began laughing at Innovator as he tried to get back to his feet after his helacious battle with PDD. Apparently it was a setup, and Invisible and LC attacked Innovator, bound him to a chair with a chain and shaved him bald.

Innovator was furious for what happened to him, and he sent this message by assaulting a couple jobbers in a match, he then went on to make the stipulation of this match a steel chain Hangmans Ball. Invisible accepted in the most tedius way, he would assault Innovator from behind the following day and hang him from the ceiling with a chain, and that was enough to fuel Innovator for the match.

Destiny came full Force

Caption Day came and we witnessed one of the most barbaric matched in TNA history as Innovator and Invisible went at it with all they had and a chain. When it came to end, Innovator managed to dangle Invisible over the top rope for several minutes which in effect made Invisible pass out and cause serious injury to his throat. Invisible would be out of action for several months after this. Innovator had done it though, and he was set to go up against MVP for the World Title at TNA Here To Stay.

Innovator and MVP put on a very physical match, but Innovator just couldn't reach his destiny as he fell to the hands of MVP when MVP locked Innovator in the Walls for a very long time, eventually it became to much for Innovator and he passed out under the pressure. MVP had defeated Innovator but Innovator swore revenge. On Raw, Innovator was set for a rematch and just as Innovator was covering MVP after hitting him with the last exit, KPW came to the ring and assaulted Innovator. MVP had defected to KPW and they weren't going to let him win the title.

Help had Arrived, Success comes.

Shortly after, Innovator was granted another chance at becomming #1 contender, all he had to do was defeat TRO at TNA Up Your Ass. He defeated TRO and merited a rematch with MVP who had been playing mindgames(quiting KPW,rejoining) Innovator heard none of it and guarenteed his victory. The following night after TNA UYA, Innovator was banned from the building and KPW was ruling the asylum(they just won creative control) Well, that rendered useless when Invisible and Nowhere Man made their shocking return to aid Innovator in taking out KPW. Although Innovator and Invisible had a harsh past together, they were still willing to work together to take out KPW.

This eventually lead to TNA Heat Stroke, where Innovator was set to take on MVP for the world title once again. This was one of the greatest matches in TNA, and went on for 30 minutes. About 3/4 of the way through the match, KPW would come out to the ring and try to help fellow team member, MVP. It was useless however, as NM and Invisible came right out and took them out before they could ruin this match. After NM and Invisible took out KPW, they retreated to the match and MVP was getting weaker by the moment as Innovator started to dominate. MVP started to get the upper hand but then something happened. Innovator reversed one of MVP's moves and hit him with the LAST EXIT! Innovator took the cover and became new TNA Champion. After the match, NM and Invisible celebrated with Innovator as the Nobodies once again.

The Nobodies Trio came together (NM,Innov,Invis)

Now with all Nobodies members all being TNA Champion at one time, NM, Invisible, Innovator(current) they are at the top of their game. A new titan tron video even secured this and then a promo went down where they told the world that the Nobodies were back together and are on top of the world.

The Nobodies gain more prestige when Invisible and member in training, Mahagee capture the tag team titles in a TLC match for the vacant titles. Also to note that Innovator carries on his reign by defeating Madman in a street fight for the World title.

The Nobodies appear to be as powerful as ever, although there are always some complications. Such as NM allowing Zack Morris to defeat him by lying down, but they all got each others back and will not allegate the founder of the Nobodies.

Continuing on...

The following couple months looked promosing for the Nobodies as they all seemed to be having each others back.

Invisible and Mahagee retained their tag team titles against FTW at Forum Frenzy and the Raw after. And Invisible proved to be one of the toughest forces in the frenzy.

Innovator retained his world title against Azriel and Madman in a controversial decision, but a win nonetheless. Afterwards, Azriel would ensure his right to face the world champ at Forum Mania when he won the Frenzy.

Nowhere Man in his bizzare nature would eliminate himself when Zack Morris came down to the ring. Something to do with the whole hit on run with MVP perhaps?

After Innovator's successful title win on Raw is Groove, there would be a main event with a drastic twist at the end. In what seemed like a heated feud with MVP, Invisible and Azriel squaring off against James Steele, Zack Morris and Madman, became much more complicated.

XWC members, DE making his return, El Satan(debut),Thunder(debut) would help Steele, Madman and Morris win their match. Nowhere Man would also appear at the end of the night to what seemed like fending off XWC... but we'll come to his real intention later.

Nobodies become... nothing.

The Nobodies disentigrated as NM would go off on his reign of power and reveal at TNA Trapped(2) that he was the one who collaborated the XWC invasion and the hit and run on MVP. This news struck the group but NM was nowhere to be seen until the following RAW of this announcment
Then Mahagee would suffer a fatal injury and put out of action. This left Innovator and Invisible to face off against their former ally, NM. NM, would offer Innovator and the Nobodies to join him in his dominance but they denied him and Invisible attacked his former mentor.
Then after the huge brawl, Innovator and Invisible would drop their alliance to focus on their feuds. Invisible would soon retire in his last match at Forum Mania III and Innovator would be set for the Main event with the World title on the line. The Nobodies had faded into oblivion.
This is the end of their 8-9 months together....

Distributed in part by TNA.