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These are contracts for before/during Forum Mania III, they will not be updated afterwards.
Contracts undergoing/low payments:

Wrestlers in contract negotiations:
TRO was the first superstar to be payed $100,000 to wrestle one match at FM III, wow! Superstars who will not be signed/ Free agents earn $500.00 per appearance( Outsider, Big Vic, Jose Mendez, Nick Grease, Dark Kane, Dazz Dupree etc)
Valets make close to $35,000 each.

80,000 - 300,000:

PDD, The Dub, Mahagee, The Hateman, Rob Roider, Johnny Vegas,  AC Slater, The Answer, Thunder, El Satan, Zack Morris.

Bonus Info: All of these men in this list are earning close to $200,000 a year with a few making slightly more.

300,000 - 800,000:

Madman, Jack Icon, Invisible, Paul Carrigan, Legend Killer, Danny Electric, James Steele, TRO.

Bonus Info: Most of the superstars in this category earn 800,000 or very close to. Jack Icon got a raise into this category, after Outsider was released from contract. Invisible's contract went from 1 mill to 800,000 after he lost the TNA Championship.

1 Million +: 

Azriel, Jack Icon, LC, MVP, The Naitch, Nowhere Man(The Dude), Innovator, Dusty Desmarais, Cocky J.

Bonus Info: Jack Icon signed a million dollar contract being such a hot prospect. Cocky J signed a new contract for 3 million dollars, that ties him with MVP. To add to the millonares list; Azriel since stepping up into the TNA world title picture is now earning an even 1 Million a year along with Innovator.
"Fabulous" Dusty Desmarais, is a former TNA booker but he still makes 3.2 Million until Forum Mania III as a closing offer. The Naitch takes a sum of 8.5 million a year, being the founder and all (even though in NCW). LC still has a large investment in TNA, and will be making just over a million dollars until TNA dies. Nowhere Man (The Dude) has taken over as head booker, and now makes 6 million a year, putting him as the 2nd highest paid C-fedder in TNA.

All superstars combined make roughly 40 million dollars a year.

Distributed in part by TNA.