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TNA title holders/ Wrestler of the week
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TNA Title Holders:

TNA World Champion: Azriel

TNA IC Champion: Slater

TNA Tag Champions: El Satan/Thunder

VBX Title: Paul "Savior" Carrigan

Wrestler Of The Week History:

Former WOTW's in no specific order:

TRO, MVP, LC, Invisible, Dusty Desmarais, Nowhere Man, Disturbed, The Cock, The Naitch, Innovator, Zack Morris, Azriel, Madman, Mahagee, Paul "Savior" Carrigan, James Steele, PDD, Legend Killer, The Dub, Jack Icon, Innovator(2nd),The Dude(x2), Rob Roider, Azriel(2nd), Danny Electric, El Satan.

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