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Tribute to Nowhere Man
Just NM's first year in TNA

This is a tribute page to a former wrestler, Nowhere Man. In this page I will give a brief history of Nowhere Man, and the interaction he's made with the Nobodies. I will use my first commentary(Invisible's Dungeon) to explain the history of Nowhere Man.

At the beginning of TPWW's TNA, Nowhere Man was known as the Dude. He was involved in many hardcore title matches, when it was just a hardcore thread. And then the Dude left TPWW's TNA.

When Nowhere Man(the Dude) returned he was a man on a mission, when he first arrived in TNA, his promo's sparked interest to all TNA fans. Who was this enigma, and what are we to expect from him? In weeks that followed Nowhere Man made his debut in TNA, and in his first{or second) match NM defeated Invisible.

What transpired after the match was more shocking than anything. NM shook Invisible's hand knowing this was the last night Invisible would have in Team Sexy, and they vanished. A few days later Invisible returned with a new look and attitude as he became a follower to NM.

Nowhere Man and Inivisible formed the Nobodies later in July. During that time, Invisible and Nowhere Man became close allies, looking out for one another. Later on though, Nowhere Man turned his back on Invisible which lead to a tenacious Hell in a Cell where Invisible was burned alive, and not heard of since for many weeks.

Nowhere Man continued on his path of destruction, more satanic than usual. For what his action at TNA Summer Jam at the Beach where he burned Invisible alive, the fans hated him even more. When Invisible returned the fans were cheering, and were so excited to see Invisible back, but what they didn't realize was that Invisible had become more bitter, and angry. Invisible went on a rampage, and to the fans disgust, attacked many innocent TNA Superstars, including Nowhere Man.

Invisible put Nowhere Man out of action for several weeks with a concussion, when Nowhere Man returned the fans went crazy, it was Cool Breeze, and he assaulted The Cock after the Cock had won the TNA World Championship from Joey Radd. The next night on Raw he attacked Invisible with a steel chair.

This ended the feud of Invisible and Nowhere Man, as Nowhere Man was on to capture the world title, while Invisible began his hunt for Innovator. Nowhere Man's quest for gold would soon come to a conclusion

Nowhere Man and the Cock's feud carried on for quite some time, and evenetually Nowhere Man captured the title from The Cock. Nowhere Man has done it, he set out what his destiny had intended him.

Shortly after Nowhere Man had captured the title from the Cock, the Cock had a plan. The Cock decided to bring the Dude back into the picture. He hired someone that looked just like the Dude, knowing the Nowhere Man once wrestled under this gimmick. He decided to use the Dude against Nowhere Man.

The Dude retaliated against the Cock one night to reveal that it was Nowhere Man back to his former personality, just to make things right. And this is where the love triangle of the Dude, the Cock and Nowhere Man began. Who was the real Dude? The fans pondered, then they knew Nowhere Man was really the Dude, and Cock was just trying to generate heat against Nowhere Man.

Of course the Cock wouldn't let Nowhere Man reign in glory for much longer. This lead to a rematch at Forum Mania II. This match was huge. In this match Nowhere Man would put his career on the line to face his nemesis the Cock. Nowhere Man and the Cock battled each other psychologicaly. The Cock used cheap tactics to try and persuade the fans to turn on NM. His attempts were futile, the fans had too much respect for Nowhere Man.

The Cock and Nowhere Man had a vicious, yet clean match until Nowhere Man had the Cock in the sharpshooter. Cock reversed the sharpshooter and then appeared LC. LC returned to the fans temporary delight. But what's this? He's wearing a ref shirt, and he rang for the bell!

The fans are irate at this point. The Cock is the new TNA champion and Nowhere Man is left to face the music, in a tragic series of events. Nowhere Man leaves TNA, to the loudest pop ever in TNA history(in support of Nowhere Man).

This concludes the story of Nowhere Man.


Distributed in part by TNA.