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As of shortly after Forum Mania III, the site is closed.


OOC message:

The site has been updated over the past while and will continue to be updated until the event of Forum Mania III. A page was added dedicated to the monstous event and can be seen by clicking the link on the side menu. Thanks for viewing the site, and keeping it alive.


TNA Forum Mania IIInsider
Last TNA Insider
(August, 4, 2005)


It's been over a month since the Weekly Insider has been updated, and I had stated that the site would no longer be updated. However, I never dedicated the Insider in it's last edition, so this will be it.


Many TNA legends have returned, such as Cocky Johnson, TRO and DE, among other new up and comers, mostly from XWC. The roster for TNA is getting up there and it’s great to have them here. Sadly there will be a few leaving c-fed wrestling, among them, Mahagee, and TNA vetran Invisible who will have his last match at TNA Forum Mania III. Also, head booker NM has stated he will be stepping down from position and a member from the booking team will be taking over.


Inside moment: There are always problems in TNA and with some of the egos in TNA, there are going to be encounter. Recently Johnny Vegas was on his way to the parking garage when he encountered Cocky Johnson. JV, being the thug he is grabbed CJ’s wallet for a rib at the big star. CJ took offense and bitch slapped JV across the face but before anything could esculate, security broke it up. Paul had these strange words to say about the incident “JV’s my man, and the Cock got no right to be cock slapping my ho”, and that was it.


Anyway back to the news; Lots of changes happening in TNA, with the XWC Invasion, gaining of superstars, loss of superstars and changing of bookers, but in time change is eminent. We must embrace the future of TNA and acknowledge it’s roots. Forum Mania III will be apart of the transition in TNA, and for the rest of the Insider, I decided we’d take a look at the card.


Just week(s) before Forum Mania III and the expectations for this event awe. This ppv is expected to be the highest grossing ppv of all time, especially if you consider the ratings TNA has been receiving over the past coupe months.


The card for Forum Mania III is amazing, with the following matches on the card:


J Vegas vs Paul Carrigan in a rematch for the VBX title:


Will Paul reclaim the championship and become a 5 time champion, or does JV still have what it takes to be the VBX champion. With FTW on Paul’s side and D-Flex on JV’s, it might be more than just a singles match.


Intercontinental Championship: FATAL 4-WAY: Zack Morris vs. James Steele vs. A.C. Slater vs. Danny Electric (c)

Danny E is in a predicament where anyone of these 3 other guys can

score the pinfall on anyone, and he doesn't have to be pinned to lose the title. Just like his first fatal 4-way where he won the IC title a year ago, this match will certainly be unpredictable.


Tag Team Championships: Legend Killer/The Answer vs. Thunder/El Satan (c):


A rising tag team in Team XWC and multi time tag champs, El Satan and Thunder will put their titles on the plate other former tag champs, LK and The Answer. The tag team division has been heating up over the past couple months and it will continue.


#1 Contendership: The Ravishing One vs. The Dude


TRO returns at Forum Mania III, where he won the and became the first world championship at the premiere (Forum Mania I) and now he’s come back for glory. After much demand, TRO received a World Title opportunity, if he defeats the commish of TNA, The Dude.



'The Battle for Hollywood': "Action" Jack Icon vs. Cocky Johnson


Both of these guys are known for their movie roles and professional c-fed career, and they certainly are a couple of the most charismatic men in TNA. But at Forum Mania III, the two egos clash when Jack Icon goes one on one with former multi time TNA world champ, The Cock.



'Fond Farewell': Invisible vs. MadMan


The most heated rivalry going on, where both these men have basically attempted murder on one another, and are at each other’s throats. Invisible may have stepped in the way of Madman’s dreams but the Madman has sworn revenge, and has got more than his share. Invisible will try to settle the score in his c-fed retirement match, but Madman may just be too much of a force.



'Changing of the Gods': Nowhere Man vs. MVP


NM has been constructing his own vision of TNA over the period of time he’s been Head booker, and just a couple months ago he revealed the evil deeds he orchestrated. MVP was a victim of NM’s power and at Forum Mania III, MVP will fight the power



World Heavyweight Championship: IRON MAN MATCH: Azriel vs. Innovator (c):


Innovator had worn the TNA championship around his waist for about half a year and it appears that he may just be invinsible. However, since Azriel secure his #1 contenders spot by winning the Frenzy, he’s sworn to be World Champion. Both men have had their battles in the past and have come to a mutual respect with one another, but when the World Title is on the line, respect or not, there will be no mercy.   


Well, it’s time to close the chapter of TNA Insider, but I must say I’ve enjoyed it. I hope you've enjoyed reading the Insider as much as I've enjoyed publishing it, that is all.




A Message:
TNA: Positive Enforcement was the most accurately run TNA site in it's time. However there is still the less accurate but informitive website of that you could still view.


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